Shell casings

Lying on the battlefield,

Slivered limes,

Scatter our apartment

Coffee table and floor,

Hairs ruffled by jagged combs

From a nights engagement

With the bottle.


These urchins

Pushing poisonous tart

In a single slice,

Unlike a leach,

We enjoy

The winching, pulling, gutting,

Green smiles.


To our bosses!

We mash

A misgauged salute


For our overtime!

We twist

A blinding prescription


To customer complaints!

We suck on

A silencing mouthpiece


And those unwarranted refunds!

We squeeze

A cadaverous kiss


Reload and swallow,

Again and again.

To lime the table and floor

Never tasting solely

The bitterness in each bullet

For you are clocked in

To one more green smile-


About Tony DiAngelis

I am a writer and educator who wants to share my creativity in a global medium. Please savor the pieces you enjoy, voice your thoughts, and share this work with others in hopes that they may find inspiration to reconnect with their creative selves.
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