“Yearning”- deserves

Pronouncing loudly but

Never is or should be.


“Desire” whispered

Or screamed

Depending on what ear

Is at fault.


“Need” always whined

Like a one stringed violin, a braying horse.


“Ardor” said only in Victorian novels

In front of 11th grade English classes

Here comes another

Vocabulary test.


“Adore” cousin to yearning

Is too public too assuring

Too mother-to-childlike.


“Passion” always said

As your last breath

Like a whisper but

A dying deed as a dying word

Is all that a heart could muster.


“Infatuation”  (said

Over coffee and cream,

Lots of sugar)

All that you eat

That day.


Then there’s “Love”               Ha!


I’ll take “yearning”, the mute lie

Over them all-

A soloist’s song only in rehearsal

The swaying shadow of branches, leaves

On a midnight bedroom wall

Soft consonants, softer vowels.


Copyright2012 A.J. DiAngelis

About Tony DiAngelis

I am a writer and educator who wants to share my creativity in a global medium. Please savor the pieces you enjoy, voice your thoughts, and share this work with others in hopes that they may find inspiration to reconnect with their creative selves.
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